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Business Plan


P. O. BOX 8083

St. Louis, Mo. 63156


Founded in 2016, ...a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the expressed purpose of sponsoring and supporting youth activities, veterans welfare and the community through veterans and other organizations throughout St. Louis City and County with American Legion’s TOM POWELL POST #77 selected to implement and sustain the programs that will achieve the mission and goals of the Foundation.

A complex with three (3) separate, but inter-supportive operations:

Building (a) 4266 Natural Bridge (designated NORTHSIDE JAZZ & BLUES) a music listening room with office, food service and a bar... Once the facility is ready for business, activities will include: jazz and blues ambience featuring local, regional and national jazz and blues artists. (possibility of funding artists through arts and music foundations) Jazz and kids breakfast on some Saturday mornings with artists and kids interact and enjoy breakfast together. Sunday Jazz Brunch 10am - 1pm, Organize trips to casinos, major league events, booze cruise etc., Business person's special Mon - Fri 4 - 7pm (Business people network) ….Karaoke Nite, Thursdays 8 - 11pm (drink specials) kitchen to offer limited menu: Wings, Shrimp & Catfish Nuggets w / fries with salads for our vegan friends. Periodic live remote radio broadcasts, Fashion Shows, Poetry Nights, Bake Sales, Fish Frys, etc. Apply for gaming license for BINGO & LOTTO (every Tuesday night 7-10pm), Two (2) large screen TVs for pay per view events, Drum Corps shows, specials etc

Building (b) 4250 Natural Bridge campus LEARNING CENTER. Most of the training will take place in these spaces. Dance studio, radio, tv, music production and music training/classes. Training staff will include certified professionals, volunteers and parents.

Building (c) 4236 Natural Bridge ...HARVEY HALL…After restoration will be the workhorse of the organization. It will truly be a MULTI-PURPOSE facility, serving as a concert venue, theater, banquet and events center and once acquisition occurs, application will be made to City of St. Louis and The State of Missouri for licenses and permits for bingo and lotto gaming thereby bringing in much needed revenues by which we are better able to serve our youth, veterans and community.


The mission of TOM POWELL POST #77 is to provide a pathway to a positive and successful life for our youth, our veterans and our community.


By combining a positive attitude and with a commitment to promoting a fundamental concept of ”BETTER EVERY DAY” in the pursuit of our personal best, there is virtually no limit to what we can accomplish as individuals who comprise the men and women of CHARLES HARVEY VETERANS FOUNDATION.


TOM POWELL POST #77, founded and chartered in 1919, in St. Louis, Mo. has a rich heritage of community involvement. It was originally created for black men and women who served in the military, and is one of the oldest active American Legion Posts in America, and takes pride in having members who served with distinction with the Tuskegee Airmen, Buffalo Soldiers, Montford Point Marines, and many other distinguished military units. Active membership includes veterans of WW ll, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Endearing Freedom and Afghanistan. As an active community partner, Tom Powell Post #77 was instrumental in bringing the concept of competitive marching music to the community through the formation of the SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS senior drum and bugle corps, and later mentored the famed AMERICAN WOODMEN CADETS junior drum and bugle corps programs. Both corps represented the City of St. Louis and the State of Missouri across America for many years. Jazz great Clark Terry was a member before he became a famous musician. Russell Boone, early director of Mississippi Valley University’s music department was a member. Retired police officers, lawyers, clergy, medical personnel all were influenced by their participation in The Spirit of St. Louis Drum & Bugle Corps.TOM POWELL POST #77 was then and is now conscious of the need to assist in the development of our young people. Since its' inception in 1935, THE SPIRIT of ST. LOUIS senior drum and bugle corps, in conjunction with TOM POWELL POST #77 has addressed needs of the underserved minorities and the underprivileged. You can find members of TOM POWELL POST #77 volunteering at Bingo nights at the Missouri Veterans Home and participating at movie nights at the salvation Army’s veterans residence, being represented at Fair U-City, Veterans Day, Annie Malone/May Day and Juneteenth parades. Most Saturday mornings you will find members cleaning and beautifying historic Greenwood Cemetery in St. Louis County and serves as Honor Guards for military funerals...and doing all this without a permanent home.


TOM POWELL POST #77 is 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(19) non-profit corporation recognized by the State of Missouri and the Federal Internal Revenue Service.


The Veteran's Center will have a Board of Directors as its' governing body and shall appoint an administrative staff to oversee the daily operations of the center. The members of the Board of Directors are:

George C. Truss - Commander….. Jerreld Fisher - 1st Vice President

Edward McFowland - 2nd Vice President…… Rufus D. Shannon - Adjutant

Melissa Lewis - Finance Officer…… James Williams Jr. - Chaplain/Historian

Frederick E. Walker- Member

Plans are to have in place a maintenance staff under contract and on call twenty-four (24) hours daily. (CHVF) will be reaching out to Lawyers, Accountants, Educators, Religious Leaders, Business Leaders, Political Leaders, Community Leaders, Veterans, Visionaries and Entrepreneurs as either additional board members or advisors - many of whom we have already contacted, and are in place awaiting approval of the Program.


The product we offer is SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY, as we have done for almost a century now, here in St. Louis City and County.


There are never enough competitors in service to the community. Competitors would not prove to be problematic in this endeavor. As a matter of fact, we would be more than willing to network and partner with schools, churches, boy’s and girl’s clubs and other community programs and organizations in order to achieve our mission and goals.


It is estimated that the cost to operate the complex* as described would be between $250,000.00 to $350,000.00 annually including utilities, insurance, payroll, supplies, maintenance, marketing, security and transportation. These figures were compiled by surveying similar activities in the area, talking with knowledgeable individuals, and lending institutions along with consulting with professors in academia ie. St. Louis University, Washington University, Harris-Stowe State University and Forest Park Community College.

Revenues, would flow from several sources; The learning Center, banquets, concerts, bingo and lotto, food and liquor sales, plus other fund raising activities would bring in a substantial amount of funds.

Because (CHVF) is non-profit 501(c)(3) and 501(c)(19), there are many avenues of funding available expressly for what the stated goals and mission are. The Missouri Arts Council and Regional Arts Commission, are just a couple. There are also federal programs that set protocols for disbursement of funds based on individuals served ...and plans are to take full advantage of those avenues. We are also seeking legal representation from LEGAL SERVICES OF EASTERN MISSOURI.

Here are just a few activities and events that would take place in HARVEY HALL: Banquets, weddings, receptions, repasses, proms, holiday parties, graduations, music concerts, stage shows/plays, stand-up comedy shows, gospel concerts, bingo/lotto, exhibitions, flea market, It is estimated that by year three, revenues would easily reach $600,000.00 to 1,000,000.00.

* The Complex indicates the three buildings that comprise the Charles Harvey Veterans Foundation. Building (1 is the Jazz & Blues Listening Room, food service, bar and office. Building (2 is the learning center that houses the classrooms with radio/TV and music recording facility. And building (3 is designated HARVEY HALL the events center.

This document was produced by Frederick E. Walker 314-520-1276 [email protected]